Batman: Dead End – the Fan Film You MUST See!

Dude, this thing was made in 2003….  You’re a little late to the party.

Yeah, I know I am about 12 years behind the curve on this one….  Doesn’t matter.  In fact, the elapsed time since the introduction of this stellar Batman “fan film” makes this post even more relevant – enough time has passed where most people either haven’t seen it or have simply allowed it to slip off their radar.

Consider this a re-introduction, at the very least!  “Batman: Dead End” is a short film written and directed by an independent film maker (circa 2003) named Sandy Collora.  Years ago I heard it was part of a demo reel Sandy was working on to show off his abilities, but I have no specific proof of this claim.  Regardless, it was not part of a larger project and was never slated for a feature length project.

While I did not particularly care for the interpretation of the Joker in this particular incarnation (perhaps it was the poorly-penned dialogue, or the anti-climatic delivery, but regardless of the reason he did not seem to enhance the project in any significant way), Clark Bartram plays a convincing Batman / Bruce Wayne and dons perhaps the truest-ever version of the Dark Knight’s iconic uniform…  Never has the cape and cowl looked this good.

Remember, its all about the visuals!

This film has everything: a badass interpretation of the Batman, the best cape and cowl the world has ever seen, the Joker, the Predator(s), Aliens…..  Yeah, the Predator and Aliens.

Don’t even bother trying to make sense of the plot – remember this is supposed to be some sort of demo reel material, so it is all about the image and the effect.  In regard to costuming, ambience, special effects, lighting, imagery and directing, this particular Batman movie brings the “A Game” – it is on par with any major Hollywood production and brings to life an element of the character that has (thus far) not been successfully caught on film.  It is gritty, it is raw and it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch!

It is absolutely iconic…

Pay particular attention to the scene where Batman leaps from one rooftop to another, only to slowly rise from a crouching position as a carefully choreographed aerial shot highlights the cape rising up from the puddle of water…….  This looks like it could have been ripped directly from any of the greatest Batman comics of all time – it is a true demonstration of how the Dark Knight should be portrayed on the big screen.

For your own benefit, check out Batman: Dead End on Youtube: