Business Cards Are a Cheap and Easy Way to Show People You’re Serious

You own a small business, or offer some sort of product or service on the side.  Every single day, you run into random people all over town, and inevitably during casual conversation you end up mentioning what you do for business – during the conversation, you talk about how great your product or service is, you show sample pictures on your phone and you generally pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you have put into this project.  The person you are speaking to seems interested and asks you how he (or she) can get a hold of you – this is where you realize you’ve made a grave mistake.  Rather than handing the potential customer a direct link to you and your business, via a well designed business card, you start spouting off a long and complicated e-mail address, or you start dictating a phone number which you hope they are actually inputting into their phone (and not checking their Facebook account or updating their Twitter status)…  There is absolutely no guarantee the intended recipient actually saved your contact information, and even if they did how would you expect it to not get lost in their chaotic phone storage system?

Vermillion-Silk-Business-Card-CollectionPresenting a professional business card to your potential clients shows that you are serious, and gives them the confidence to know you are not some sort of fly-by-night operation or some half-baked side project.  Everyone has a story – set yourself a part by presenting a professional calling card to everyone to talk to.  Give the target your 30-second “elevator pitch”, then follow it up with 2″ x 3.5″ of professional validation.

The best part of the whole situation?  Business cards are considerably less expensive than you might realize!  You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to have business cards, nor do you even need to be a mid-sized business!  For anywhere between $9.95-$69.95 (depending on the source you choose, the quantity of cards ordered and whether or not you include professional graphic design services), you can easily provide a professional appearance with high quality, 14 or 16pt card stock and UV coating on both front / back.  Full color printing is pretty much standard, these days, so don’t be afraid to explore you own creativity by expressing yourself in full color.

Design and order business cards for your business or side project, and start enjoying the professional respect of those who you encounter in your day-to-day life. If you have multiple partners or employees, it is a snap to order a custom set for each person, and everyone you meet will automatically regard you as a more serious business entity.  Before you do anything else, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to create a professional front – get some business cards right away, and put your business on a more professional level.

NOTE:  You can get business cards from any standard print shop, or from a variety of online sources.  If you want a high quality product from a company who cares about you, cruise on over to to start designing your own, online.

5-simple-minimalistic-business-card-designsBusiness cards are generally available in different thicknesses, with different finishing options.  Ensure you are getting the product you expect by asking if the card thickness is 14pt or 16pt (16pt is usually recommended for higher quality).  Additionally, find out specifically if your order includes glossy UV coating on both sides (in some cases you may only want the UV coating on one side of the card, since applying it prevents the easy use of pens or markers for writing).  For more advanced design options (at an additional cost), you can even look into spot-UV coating for advanced effects.  You can also look into additional finishing services, such as Foil Embossed and more!  Basically, get creative, don’t worry if its not perfect and order today – you will get a much better response, and people will take you much more serious when you are trying to talk business.