Delicious Foster Farms Spicy Chicken Wings and Crunchy Fries in the Nuwave Oven

I love my Nuwave oven – I make no secret of this.  In fact, when my in-laws gave me my first Nuwave oven for Christmas several years ago, I doubt they expected it to become my all-time favorite kitchen utility.  I use the Nuwave oven for quick and hearty meals, late night snacks & appetizers, toasted sandwiches and pretty much anything else which strikes my fancy.

Prior to owning a Nuwave oven, I was never a big fan of premade, frozen appetizers….  They just never seemed quite as fresh or tasty as one might get at a restaurant or from scratch.  However, since owning this fabulous little kitchen-wizard, I am never hesitant to grab a few packages of frozen goodies from the store.  In my never ending pursuit of the perfect chicken wing, I decided to give Foster Farms’ Hot ‘n Spicy Wings a run for the money….  I was certainly not disappointed.

When cooking frozen foods in the Nuwave oven, I often start with the recommended oven cook time and adjust based on my experience with the unit (giggity).  The recommended cook time for the spicy chicken wings is around 32 minutes – since foods often cook faster in the Nuwave, I decided to try 30 minutes and see how that worked out.

In addition to chicken wings, I had a craving for some french fries – I went ahead and filled the empty space on the rack with a healthy serving of delicious fries, which based on my experience take around 20 minutes to cook to the perfect golden crisp (different types of frozen fries will have varying cook times – some brands will cook to a perfect crisp in as little as 14 minutes).

After 20 minutes, I  paused the cooking cycle and removed the french fries…..  Of course, they were as golden crispy and wonderful as I expected.   I also took this opportunity to flip the chicken wings over.

When the final 10 minutes had passed, the chicken wings were ready to go!  I was amazed at how crunchy and flaky these turned out, while still remaining incredibly soft on the inside!  Of all the frozen chicken wings I have tried, thus far, these are definitely my favorite.

Of course, when the late night snack is finished, I wrap it all up with my favorite dessert – well, not my favorite, but certainly necessary.  Happy cooking!