Humanity is Generally Good: Part One

Considering what we find in news reports every single day on a global scale, it is easy to fall into the proverbial rut of despair – at times we begin to believe that humans, by nature, are evil (or at the very least, incredibly self-serving) creatures, capable of inflicting great suffering on those around them.  At times, this is accurate.  There is indeed a great amount of evil in the world, and we cannot deny that.

Additionally, the internet is literally awash with videos documenting human “FAILS”, generating countless “Top Fails” video compilations which often reach the peak of saturation and viral dissemination through popular media channels such as YouTube and Facebook….  Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a good Fail compilation, from time to time?

With so many fails and so much wrongdoing in the world, it is often important to take a moment to consider all the GOOD in humanity – literally, the WINS achieved by the human race (right down to individual acts of love and affection on a personal scale).  Despite what we may believe after viewing what is typically available in the popular media, there is indeed quite a bit of good in the world.

By creating an emphasis on the many positives in life, we are better able to cope with the often futile nature of our own lives.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I often find myself in despair over the negative things in my life (and life in general) and focusing on positive actions is a generally uplifting way to enhance my day.  In fact, next to doing kind or positive deeds for someone else in my own life, there is nothing quite as satisfying as bearing witness to the positive actions of others – it is uplifting, inspiring and incredibly powerful, regardless of my current mood or situation.

Along those lines, here are a couple of amazing videos and compilations, which provide a testament to the overwhelming love and kindness that each one of us is capable of.  Sit back, grab some tissues to dry the tears and enjoy!


Obviously we can’t change the world – at least, not alone.  Whether it is helping a little old lady cross a busy street, picking someone up who has inadvertently fallen or simply providing support and comfort at just the right time, your small actions could easily have a deeply profound impact on those who you show kindness to, as well as those who are witness to it.

Here are some awesome things you can do any time, any day – even the most simple gestures can create happiness in someone else’s day.  I kinda want to start carrying extra stuffed animals around to hand out to random kids – that sort of thing has happened to my own 2 1/2 year old daughter, and it has literally made her day (and quite often, these “gifted” stuffed animals and / or dolls wind up becoming her absolute favorite comfort toys).


This last video is a motivational video (scripted), but it can still reduce you to tears and more importantly, it highlights the power of love and positive action in our individual lives.  We are all capable of great evil and profound love.  The world can sometimes be a dirty, disgusting place if you focus on the negative.  However, with a little love, respect, kindness and positive action, we can undo (or at least counteract) the negative forces of this world.  At the end of the day, we are in control – don’t let your bad day ruin everyone else’s day.  Rather, invest the time and attention toward helping someone else in some small way, and we will all be better off for it.  We can change the world – but don’t just take my word for it…… Try it for yourself.

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